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Chicago Pneumatic launches hydraulic compactors

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June 22, 2016 by On-Site Magazine

Chicago Pneumatic Construction Equipment has launched a new generation of hydraulic compactors. They feature higher performance, overload protection and less maintenance to help contractors get jobs done efficiently. RC compactors require no special installation; they arrive ready for use on the jobsite. With a carrier weight class that ranges from 2,200 to 88,000 pounds, CP offers five new models in its lineup:

  • RC 150 (carrier weight class: 2,200-6,600 pounds)
  • RC 350 (carrier weight class: 6,600-17,600 pounds)
  • RC 450 (carrier weight class: 8,800-19,800 pounds)
  • RC 850 (carrier weight class: 19,800-44,000 pounds)
  • RC 1050 (carrier weight class: 44,000-88,200 pounds)

Job applications for the hydraulic compactors include: slope, trench, and waste compaction; road repair; side development; and piling.

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