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Caterpillar introduces three tandem vibratory rollers

By Jillian Morgan   


Caterpillar has added tandem vibratory rollers to its paving products family. The models include: CB13, CB15 and CB16. Nomenclature corresponds to the 13-, 15- and 16-ton weight classes the rollers reside in. Vibratory options include: oscillatory vibration, dual amplitude, dual frequency, Versa Vibe and Five Amplitude systems. These systems are complemented by the combination of vertical vibration in the front drum and oscillatory vibration in the rear drum. The front drum with vertical vibration is available in 2 amp, 5 amp, or Versa-Vibe systems. The oscillatory system utilizes a pod-style eccentric weight technology developed by Caterpillar and has a two year/2000-hour service interval. These models feature a centre-articulating hitch with 6 degrees of oscillation. An offset hitch option extends coverage up to 6 in. Optional hardened drum shells and 360-degree seat positioning are available. The rollers feature hand wheel steering technology and eight-button control panel. The Cat C4.4 engine rated at 142-hp comes standard with Eco-mode and automatic speed control.


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