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Cat unveils next generation of mini excavators, boosts performance, versatility

By On-Site Staff   


Cat has added four new models to its lineup of mini hydraulic excavators.

Among the many upgrades to the machines that range from 1.0 and 2.0 tons are joystick steering and a tilt-up cab/canopy.

Unlike other excavators on the market, the “Stick Steer” system enables the operator’s left joystick to take control of movement. The simple click of a button takes control from the conventional level/foot-pedal steering controls, which can still be used if the operator prefers. The tilt-up cab/canopy, meanwhile makes maintenance easier by allowing access to the excavator’s main hydraulic components through a simple process that takes about five minutes.

The newest models to the lineup include the 301.5 (1.5-ton class, standard tail swing, with canopy); 301.7 CR (1.7-ton class, compact radius, with canopy); 301.8 (1.8-ton class, standard tail swing, with either canopy or cab); 302 CR (2.0-ton class, compact radius, with either canopy or cab).

All new models are powered by the Cat C1.1 engine, a three-cylinder diesel rated at 19.2 net horsepower (14.3 kW), and 21.6 gross horsepower (16.1 kW). Rubber track undercarriages come standard, while steel tracks are also available for all models. A new air-conditioned, sealed cab is also available on the two largest mini excavator models.


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