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Cat premieres first high drive electric drive dozer

By On-Site Staff   



Caterpillar Inc. has introduced an all-new electric drive train in its latest update to the Cat D6 dozer lineup.

The D6 XE is the world’s first high drive Electric Drive dozer. The equipment manufacturer says it delivers up to 35 per cent better fuel efficiency and increased agility compared to the previous 3-speed model D6T.

“Constant power to the ground, continuous push and greater maneuverability mean faster cycle times, making electric drive a top choice to achieve the highest level of productivity and fuel efficiency,” the company highlighted in a release.

The dozer uses a fully-automatic four-speed power train that optimizes the transmission with no shifting required from the operator. Caterpillar says the reduced fuel costs mean contractors can pay back their investment in the electric drive dozer in less than two years.

Along with its diesel counterpart, the new D6, the D6 XE has been engineered to reduce maintenance and regular service costs by 12 per cent. It includes updated components that allow for longer service intervals, grouped service points and a new ladder at the rear of the machine to allow for easier access.

As expected from Cat, customers can outfit the dozer, which is available in both VPAT or push arm configurations, with wide variety of blade types and attachments.

Within the cab, the electric drive dozer has a new 10-inch touchscreen display, standard air suspension seat, integrated ROPS and 15 per cent more glass to increase visibility. A heated/cooled leather seat is available as an add-on.

Cat has also bolted a long list of technology options onto the new D6 XE. Ranging from standard Cat Slope Indicate to Cat LINK telematics, the technology solutions help that optimize productivity both at the machine and wider job site levels.


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