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Cat brings more weight, power and technology to new D5 Dozer

By On-Site Staff   



Weighing in between 37,875 and 42,263 pounds and outfitted with a Cat C7.1 engine that delivers 170 horsepower, the new Cat D5 Dozer is significantly heavier and more powerful than its predecessor. By combining this enhanced performance with the latest technology, the replacement for the D6N is designed to get jobs done quicker.

“The new Cat D5 offers superior performance and the broadest choice of easy-to-use technology features to help you get the most from your bulldozer,” Caterpillar said in a release. “Nimble and responsive, it has power for dozing and finesse for grading.”

The dozer has a fully automatic transmission with lock-up clutch, offering faster cycle times and enhanced fuel efficiency and performance. Cat has also tweaked the steering performance to deliver greater control to operators. In terms of comfort, the D5 has a new cab, giving operators more room, more control over the seat and better visibility with about 15 per cent more glass and a steeper hood.

The long list of new technologies the company has built into the new D5, however, may be the biggest step forward.

Among the offerings is factory-integrated Cat GRADE with 3D, which includes smaller antennas integrated into the cab roof and GPS receivers mounted inside the cab for added protection. The hardware is complemented by a new Android OS-powered interface that allows operators to use custom apps. Cat’s AutoCarry function is also included with the Grade with 3D option to automate blade lift, making it far easier to maintain desired blade loads, improve load consistency and reduce track slip. Cat GRADE with Slope Assist is another option, helping the operator with basic blade positioning assistance without added hardware or a GPS signal.

Cat Slope Indicate, meanwhile, comes standard.

To supplement these grade assist features, the D5 offers the Blade Load Monitor that “gives real-time feedback on current vs. optimal blade load to help optimize pushing capacity.” The dozer’s Traction Control and the second-generation Stable Blade systems work to reduce track slips and create smoother surfaces. When working on hills, Cat has integrated a number of assist features, such as Hill Descent Control and Hill Hold, so they will kick in automatically without operators needing to think about them.

As far as telematics go, Cat LINK aims to simplify job site management. The suite keeps tabs on equipment assets, lets operators save their preferred settings and can help customers troubleshoot problems, increasing uptime.

Customers can get the new D5 in standard or low ground pressure (LGP) configurations, and opt for either a push arm or a variable pitch angle tilt (VPAT) blade.


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