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Buildots AI-powered forecasting tool

By Adam Freill   

Construction Software

(Image courtesy of Buildots)

Construction technology platform Buildots has announced the launch of its new Delay Forecast feature, an AI-powered tool that predicts delay risks and alerts construction teams about pace issues so that they can proactively mitigate potential delays before they escalate.

The tool was developed after Buildots research indicated that 62 per cent of construction site activities consistently run slower than planned, and 25 per cent of activities run at half their planned pace, with issues often going unnoticed until they have already significantly impacted project timelines.

The forecasting feature includes granular, activity-level insights into the root causes of delays, enabling project managers to continually improve performance and strategy.

Intuitively integrated into Buildots’ main dashboard, Delay Forecast flags activities that are at risk of falling behind schedule, quantifies those risks by providing projections of forecasted delays, and makes recommendations for pace corrections to mitigate and prevent delays.

When users get delay alerts, they can input new pace assumptions and see how these changes might affect the timeline, allowing them to optimize and fine-tune strategies and determine the best path forward. The dashboard also enables project teams to track risk trends week by week, allowing them to see the real-life impact of their decisions.

“At Buildots we believe that accurate progress data, performance indicators and data-driven insights are critical to solving issues that plague almost all construction projects, such as delays and inefficiency,” said Aviv Leibovici, Buildots co-founder and CPO. “Those core beliefs inspire all that we do, from developing the Performance Driven Construction Management (PDCM) method, to designing new tools like Delay Forecast.”

In beta-testing conducted by the company on a number of global construction sites, the tool facilitated a 50 per cent reduction in delay times when used together with the PDCM method.

Delay Forecast is available to all current Buildots users and new customers.




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