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Bobcat Machine IQ telematics

By Adam Freill   

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(Photo courtesy of Bobcat Company)

Bobcat Company has introduced new technological advancements to the Bobcat Machine IQ telematics platform. The system now includes a remote engine disable/enable feature that allows customers in North America and Europe to remotely enable or disable their machine’s engine through the Owner Portal or Machine IQ app.

Machine IQ allows connected-machine owners to monitor the health of their Bobcat machine and remotely track information that enhances maintenance, security and performance. Remote engine disable/enable is the first two-way update to the telematics system, allowing operators to both send commands to and receive data from the machine.

“Advanced theft deterrence is critical peace of mind for our Machine IQ users, and remote engine disable/enable allows our North American and European customers to protect their equipment and allow only authorized usage,” said Garrett Maurer, director of digital product management at Bobcat. “This feature also demonstrates our ability to interact with machines via two-way communication using telematics. Today marks another major milestone for what Bobcat continues to do to empower our customers to accomplish more.”

If unauthorized use is suspected, operator owners can log into their Bobcat Owner Portal or Machine IQ app to pinpoint the location of their equipment and choose to disable the engine. Upon executing the disable command, any attempt to start an engine in an off state will fail. If the machine is in operation, the engine will slow to a near standstill, relegated to de-rate mode.



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