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Bluebeam introduces latest version of real-time collaboration tool Revu

By On-Site Staff   


U.S.-headquartered construction technology firm Bluebeam Inc. has released the latest version of its flagship project efficiency and collaboration software.

Revu 20 aims to give users across the construction, architecture and engineering sectors more flexibility and improved user and content management capabilities. It also streamlines communication with new enhancements geared toward increasing accuracy and saving time.

“When teams have the right solutions in place to work together seamlessly across distances and time zones, all of the investments an organization makes in training, management and process development can be realized through clear and measurable improvements in quality, accuracy and efficiency,” Jon Elliott, Bluebeam’s CEO, said in a release. “Revu 20 delivers improved communication management capabilities and productivity improvements that are designed to maximize an organization’s investments across the board.”

Among other enhancements, Revu 20 includes upgrades to the solution’s markup tools, which simplify reviewing, commenting, marking up, tracking and managing project documents.


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