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Blastcrete trailer-mounted concrete pump system

By Adam Freill   

Concrete Construction Equipment

(Photo courtesy of Blastcrete Equipment LLC)

The X-40D trailer-mounted concrete pump system from Blastcrete Equipment is engineered to provide high-volume pumping in a compact design for a variety of applications. The versatile pump is capable of handling aggregate mixes up to 1.5 inches, and can be used on projects ranging from residential concrete jobs to highway infrastructure improvements.

The system incorporates a Pulsar piston pump from Mecbo to deliver high volume in its compact design. The company explains that the pump used in the system incorporates a long stroke to push a greater volume of concrete with less mechanical movement, thereby reducing maintenance and providing for a smooth pour.

The six-inch by 39-inch (150 mm x 1,000 mm) swing tube piston pump is complimented by a rugged receiving agitator to keep the concrete mixed and prime for pumping. The trailer-mounted system boasts 1,000 psi of piston face pressure, with a five-inch discharge and the ability to put out 40 cubic yards of concrete per hour.

“This unit is the culmination of an industry-oriented engineering process and supply partnership focused on increasing versatility and decreasing maintenance. Additionally, because we spent time talking with contractors in the field, we saw the importance of features like remote-control operation,” said Scott Knighton, Co-CEO of Blastcrete Equipment LLC. “Although touchscreens have become common with this equipment, our design eliminates them because customer feedback indicated they are difficult to operate when wearing gloves wet with concrete.”

The 7,080-pound pump and integrated trailer is designed to be easy to haul to jobs ranging from creating piers for overpasses to backyard projects such as installing in-ground swimming pools.

The pump’s four crane lifting eyes also provide transportation advantages, allowing operators to position the machine precisely where they need it. Forklift tubing is mounted to the lower hopper for convenient flat pack removal.

The machine also features a wireless remote control to provide operators the convenience of controlling the pump’s functions with precision from a distance. Factory options include the Auto Lubrication System and the 12 VDC Screen Vibrator. Power options include a 72-horsepower Yanmar 4TNV98CT-NKW diesel, a 74-horsepower Deutz TD2.9 diesel, or a 75-horsepower electric motor. Both diesel engines are water cooled with no diesel exhaust fluid.




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