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BitRip app for project management

By Adam Freill   

Construction Software

(Photo courtesy of Nastro Technologies)

The BitRip app from Nastro Technologies is designed to organize and track critical information, connecting physical objects to digital information. It works in combination with proprietary heavy-duty labels that are preprinted with dynamic scannable codes.

Downloadable for free, BitRip is used with BR Code labels, allowing users to manage assets in the field by digitally storing, and editing, any information to that specific label. The app provides the accountability of a paper trail.

The app and labels deliver functionality beyond standard QR codes and traditional barcodes, however. Whereas QR codes are assigned to a single web address that needs to be configured and printed before field deployment, and traditional barcodes are generic and not intended to be assigned to a specific asset, BR Code labels are completely fluid and flexible. Users can assign and update digital assets, links, and more, at any time. The labels are preprinted on a roll and can be immediately deployed in the field.

The labels can help with the management of assets, as well as be deployed to share information related to quality control, work instructions, maintenance/repairs, compliance/audits, and remote monitoring/troubleshooting.

Each label can be loaded with information about the asset, including photos, audio, hyperlinks (including video links), PDFs, and text, which can help streamline operations, reduce errors, and improve visibility and traceability. In addition, every user scan imprints a timestamp, geolocation, and user identifier, giving each code a uniquely trackable history.




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