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Better sight lines, tech options and longer service intervals headline new Cat D4

By On-Site Staff   


Weighing in at 29,259 pounds (13,272 kilogram) and offering 130 horsepower, the new Cat D4 is built to lower operating costs and increase operation efficiencies with a range of tech options and design improvements.

The latest iteration of the dozer, known previously as the D6K2, has a lower, sloping hood to improve sight lines in front of the blade, as well as a standard rearview camera to improve visibility. In-cab mounting locations make for easy installation of a grade control system of choice, while a series of tech solutions, such as Slope Indicate, Stable Blade, Traction Control simplify operations for both experienced and newer operators. The optional Cat Grade with Slope Assist, as well as Cat Grade with 3D, are also available.

Extended service intervals lower maintenance costs seven per cent, while LED lights last six-times as long as halogens in previous models. New telematics offerings also assist with troubleshooting, saving time and money on diagnostics.

The D4 is available in both standard or low ground pressure configurations. A variable pitch angle tilt (VPAT) blade is standard, with a foldable VPAT blade for easier transportation an option.


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