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Atlas Copco GPS compaction

April 13, 2016   By On-Site Magazine

Left hand side, front view of Dynapac CC6200 with extended frame sides (optional)

Atlas Copco uses a global navigation satellite system on the CC6200 asphalt roller to ensure superior soil and asphalt compaction. Dyn@Lyzer uses a global navigation satellite system, such as GPS, to track the number of completed passes and the precise position of the roller at all times. The unit’s drum-mounted accelerometer measures the surface’s relative material stiffness and uses Evib readings to give operators immediate material stiffness results from within the cab and help minimize the number of passes. When using Dyn@Lyzer on asphalt the system uses two temperature sensors, one at each end of the roller, to register the surface temperature of the asphalt, giving operators consistent, relative stiffness readings. In addition, Atlas Copco’s intelligent compaction system helps contractors detect any loose materials so they can perform additional passes to reach the right compaction. This minimizes the risk of production related quality defects, which are time consuming and costly to remediate.

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