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172-horsepower wheel loader

January 19, 2022   Adam Freill

(Source: Doosan)

The Doosan DL250-7 wheel loader is equipped with smart technologies designed to amplify an operator’s ability to scoop, carry and load material, while maximizing power and efficiency.

The 172-hp machine has an operating weight of 30,528 lb. (13,847 kg), a heaped bucket capacity of 3.3 cu. yd. (2.5 m3), a full-turn static tipping load rated at 21,134 lb. (9,586 kg), a dump height of 2.8 m at 45 degrees, and a dump reach of 1.1 m at 45 degrees.

A high-lift option is available for maximum dumping height, and customers can add a larger, optional counterweight.




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