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Terrex tower crane offers power and versatility

By Corinne Lynds   

Construction crane Terex Cranes tower crane. lifting



Terex Cranes’ newest addition to its growing tower crane family, the Terex CTT 472-20 flat top tower crane, is a 20-tonne (22 US ton) class crane. It expands maximum jib length to 80 m (262.5 ft) and increases load charts over previous models offering the same max lift capacity. Maximum load at the full length is 4 tonnes (4.4 US ton) or 4.5 tonnes (5.0 US ton) with Terex Power Plus (TPP).


Power and Versatility

•   CTT 472-20 can be configured with H20, HD23 and TS212 Terex mast sections, or a combination of them using transfer masts, allowing it to reach impressive free standing heights

•   New control system offers expanded configuration options and quick set-up

•   Terex Power Plus feature can temporarily increase the maximum load moment under controlled conditions giving the operator extra lifting capacity, by an additional 10%


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