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Volvo PL3005E rotating pipelayer increases power and lifting capacity

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As the latest addition to the lineup of Volvo E-Series rotating pipelayers, the PL3005E boasts impressive improvements to power, productivity and efficiency versus predecessor models, all on a 360-degree excavator-based platform. 

Equipped with the Volvo D8J Tier 4 Final engine, the PL3005E offers a 6 per cent increase in horsepower, 8 per cent increase in max torque and 7 per cent increase in lift capacity, all while offering 5 per cent greater fuel efficiency and no increase in overall operating weight versus its predecessor model. When coupled with its excavator-based design, usability improvements to the Load Management System, enhanced telematics offerings, and new pipe-carrying and protection options, these improvements undoubtedly make the PL3005E the most productive pipelayer ever offered from Volvo in this size class.


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