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SmoothRide combines Topcon technologies to deliver smoothest surface possible

By Corinne Lynds   

Equipment Equipment Technology machine control Topcon

SmoothRide uses a combination of core Topcon technologies designed to deliver the smoothest surface possible, while efficiently managing the quantity of material for each project.

SmoothRide starts with vehicle-mounted scanners that collect data at driving speeds without the need for lane closures. With many more points captured, versus what can be expected with traditional tools, SmoothRide provides superior data needed to confidently estimate materials, as well as form the basis of the final design surface using Topcon’s MAGNET Office Site with Resurfacing software. The final design is then used with Topcon’s 3D-MC Milling and patented sonic tracking technology, a non-contacting sonic averaging paving system.

The result is a much smoother road than with traditional paving concepts and a breeze compared to conventional methods — which all adds up to faster completion times.


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