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Robertson’s Experience with Indoor Growth Facilities

By Robertson Building Systems   


An indoor growth facility is a serious business and you need a structure that can meet the challenge. That’s why Robertson Building Systems, a leader in the custom metal buildings industry, provides quality metal buildings that are designed and built to handle all indoor growth facility needs. Robertson buildings can be used for indoor growth facilities, garden centers, floricultural centers, nurseries, and more.


Count on Robertson’s Experience with Indoor Growth Facilities:

  • Able to withstand the consistent intense humidity that is required in the cultivation process
  • Constructed of high strength steel that is able to withstand the intense water pressure required for sanitary maintenance, consistent wash down/cleaning of the facility, and the effective prevention of product contamination
  • Able to provide column-free interiors of large, unobstructed, clear span space to support crops, water storage, processing facilities, product storage, and office space
  • Airtight buildings are rated food safe and prevent the entry of bugs, pests, and rodents as well as contamination from extraneous substances
  • Pre-planning phase results in fewer job delays and quicker construction time of approximately 33% compared to other methods of construction
  • Solutions offer design flexibility and limitless scalability, which allows for changes and the ability to accommodate any unexpected expansion of your business
  • IMPs are composed of an advanced mineral core between the panel faces, providing buildings with increased insulation that significantly reduces heating and cooling costs



Each Robertson building is individually designed and engineered to meet your exact requirements and local building codes. Mezzanines or lofts can be incorporated for additional storage space. Indoor growth operations rely heavily on intelligent lighting that stimulates natural sunlight, and the essential load specifications can be easily detailed to accommodate the requirements.

Corporate Office

Investment in a Robertson building is extremely cost effective, will save you money in the initial costs associated with installation and labor, and has excellent warranties for weathertightness, Robertson products, finishes, and roof systems.


Your Robertson building can be customized to fit your special needs. Our patented Long Bay® System provides up to 65 feet of clear span area between bays, which that allows for ample space for the rotation of crops. Special drainage requirements can be met and recessed spaces in the aisles for water faucets, easy-to-clean wall finish, and maximum roof lighting. The inclusion of high pressure wash down systems are all features that a Robertson building can easily accommodate.

Robertson Provides Solutions to Meet Your Needs:

  • High-strength steel can handle the rigors of other extreme weather, including wind, rain and snow
  • High ceilings, which help promote proper ventilation
  • Metal does not support the growth of mold and is resistant to rust and decay
  • IMP components are ideal for energy efficiency, weathertightness, and can provide up to a 3-hour fire rating
  • Interior surfaces can be effectively cleaned, maintained, and kept in excellent sanitary conditions
  • Airtight Robertson buildings prevent infestation and contamination from bugs, pests, and rodents as well as increase privacy and security from outside influences


When it comes to designing and building your growth facility or floricultural center, call Robertson Building Systems. We can provide a single source of responsibility and consult with you about site selection, topographic conditions, and interior and exterior design to meet your long-term objectives.


With over 150 years of experience, our reputation speaks for itself and is your assurance that Robertson will bring your vision to life.



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