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Making the Case for Detail in Metal Building Design

By Robertson Building Systems   


When J.R. Brisson Equipment – a CASE Construction Equipment dealership – needed to add another location to their growing business, Robertson Building Systems provided the detailed solution.

The brand-new facility needed to include a front office space and a shop in the back, which also needed to accommodate a single 10-ton overhead crane in addition to other equipment.

Using 3D modeling software, Robertson was able to support the project design process by rebuilding the architectural design and adding all the parameters, such as height, width, length of the building, and crane specifications.

Robertson’s 24-gauge DoubleLok® standing seam roof panels in Galvalume were used on the shop portion of the building with 26-gauge AVP panels for the exterior wall panels. Robertson was also able to provide a liner panel on the inside of the building – 26-gauge PBR – which served as the vapour retarder and barrier.


An 8-inch RTS (Robertson Thermal System) clip system, essentially a double roof cavity system, allowed Robertson to meet energy codes for up to Zone 7.

The design and aesthetic flexibility of the Robertson Building System products also allowed the new J.R. Brisson facility to maintain their branding standards, which include a specific focus on colors to match CASE Construction in general.

Learn more about how Robertson Building Systems was able to deliver precisely what was needed for the building design, functionality, and overall end use.


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