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Construction labour relations course coming this fall

By Adam Freill   

Commercial Construction Industrial Institutional Labour

OCS partnering with Constructionlab to develop and deliver a new labour relations course for labour and management stakeholders in Ontario’s unionized construction industry.

The Ontario Construction Secretariat (OCS) has awarded a contract to develop, design and implement a new course focusing on construction labour relations fundamentals to Constructionlab Ltd. of London, Ont.

The aim is for the course to become an industry standard to engage, educate and train labour and management stakeholders in the unionized construction industry.

As outlined in the RFP process, the course will provide an opportunity for participants to hone skills and learn through an intensive multi-day course that journeys through eight themes. The course will include an historical context of construction labour relations, case law examples and scenarios, negotiation theory and style, grievances, jurisdictional processes, health and safety, and human rights. Deploying various adult learning strategies, including break-out group sessions, dilemma and negotiation exercises, and more, the course will be designed to maximize the engagement of participants.

“We are thrilled to be working with Construcionlab and are confident this course will be an asset to industry stakeholders across the province,” said OCS chief executive officer Robert Bronk. “As a new wave of labour and management stakeholders start to take leadership positions, this course will provide historical perspectives and touch on key elements required to build trust, maintain and improve critical relationships, and enhance ongoing stability in Ontario’s unionized ICI construction sector for years to come.”


As the course content develops over the next three-months, internal and external review teams comprised of labour and management experts will provide milestone reviews to ensure the course reflects current labour relations trends and the ongoing need to build unity and collaboration amongst stakeholders. To ensure maximum access and inclusion in all corners of the province, the course will be evaluated to potentially offer blended learning opportunities.

“One of the key aspects of the overall project, is to ensure that as the course is being developed, it is being tested by those who are at the bargaining table and on the ground involved in local work area practices, grievance procedures and finding solutions to better Ontario’s existing industrial, commercial and institutional construction collective agreements,” explained Derek Smith, the project lead for Constructionlab. “We are looking forward to working with the team at the OCS as we build a robust course that will benefit all actors across the ICI industry.”




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