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Construction industry hits second monthly decline with 13K job losses

By Jillian Morgan   

Construction Labour

OTTAWA—Construction employment has dipped for the second consecutive month, with a loss of 13,000 jobs in May. Statistics Canada reported the decline in its latest monthly Labour Force Survey.

Combined with a loss of 19,000 jobs in April, gains observed in late 2017 – notably the addition of 51,000 jobs in December – have been offset.

Employment in construction was little changed in the past year, despite the addition of 238,000 jobs to Canada’s overall workforce since May 2017. Unemployment rates remain stagnant across all industries, sitting at 5.8 per cent for the fourth consecutive month.

The manufacturing industry also took a hit in May with a loss of 18,000 jobs, part of a downward trend since reaching a five-year peak in December 2017.


Job losses hit hardest for workers aged 25 to 54. While Ontario and Quebec saw little change, employment fell by 12,000 in British Columbia and 3,600 in Nova Scotia. Prince Edward Island added 800 jobs.

Despite job losses, HSBC Global Research reported accelerated wage growth in May – up 3.9 per cent since last year – resulting from an increase in permanent employment.


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