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Canadian job market picks back up in June, but construction employment falls

By On-Site Staff   


Industry employment remains well below its pre-pandemic levels. PHOTO: Adobe Stock/RCP

Construction job losses in June have set the industry’s labour market back to its position at the start of 2021.

Statistics Canada released its latest Labour Force Survey July 9, reporting a 23,400-job decline last month, or a 1.6 per cent seasonally adjusted drop. It was the third-straight month of jobs losses in construction after a strong start to the year. The federal agency said Alberta and British Columbia were responsible for most of the decline.

The layoffs in construction stacked up against strong gains in the wider economy. The Canadian employment market gained 1.2 per cent, or more than 230,000 jobs, in June.

In construction, employment remains roughly 78,000 jobs below its pre-COVID level.



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