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Woof Buffalo receives nearly $18M for transit infrastructure

By Jillian Morgan   


The federal government will provide over $3.3 billion in federal funding over the next decade for infrastructure projects in Alberta.

This new funding will see the governments of Canada and Alberta make investments in public transit, green infrastructure, recreational, cultural, and community infrastructure, as well as rural and northern communities.

Under the public transit stream, the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo will receive $17,905,869 in federal funding for improvements to transit systems in the area.

“Albertans, and residents in the Fort McMurray region in particular, know that continued and strategic investment in infrastructure promotes economic growth, provides jobs and builds strong communities,” said Sandra Jansen, minister of Alberta infrastructure.


“That is why it is important that the Government of Alberta partners with the federal government’s infusion of funding into the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo’s transit network. From planning and design to construction, long-term operations and maintenance, this transit system funding is truly an investment in the future for Fort McMurray families and businesses.”

The projects supported through this agreement will be cost-shared with the Alberta government, municipalities and other partners.



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