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Retention treatment basin planned for Windsor

By Adam Freill   

Construction Infrastructure

Residents to benefit from improved flood protection structure designed to handle storm surges and provide back-up to treatment plant.

Federal funding is going to support the construction of a new retention treatment basin for the Lou Romano Water Reclamation Plant in Windsor, Ont., to improve flood protection for residents in the region. The Canadian government is set to provide almost $33 million, adding to more than $55 million that the City of Windsor is contributing to the project.

“For a community that has suffered two catastrophic floods, protecting our community from the damage of climate change has been my priority, and this federal investment to construct new retention basin capacity in Windsor will protect thousands of homes, businesses, and livelihoods here at home,” said Irek Kusmierczyk, member of Parliament for Windsor—Tecumseh.

The new basin will include a new pumping station and outfall sewer. Once complete, the new basin will act as a buffer during storm surges and provide emergency back-up service in case of catastrophic failure at the plant. This project is expected to offer improved protection from flooding to thousands of homes and help the City of Windsor better manage the impacts of severe storms.

“The construction of the retention treatment basin and a new pumping station will enhance the treatment abilities and greatly reduce the impacts of major storm events, including basement flooding, for nearly 62,000 homes, primarily those in South Windsor, Sandwich Towne and West Windsor, serviced by the Lou Romano Water Reclamation Plant,” explained Drew Dilkens, mayor of Windsor.





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