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Feds open funding spigot for series of Ontario water infrastructure projects

By On-Site Staff   


OTTAWA—A set of 10 water infrastructure projects ranging from a minor generator upgrade at Pelee Island’s wastewater plant to a multimillion-dollar lowering program in Halton Region are set to receive federal funding.

Ottawa said Jan. 8 that it has set aside just over $4.3 million to support the projects, covering 50 per cent of construction costs. The province and municipalities will be on the line for the remainder of the funds.

By far the largest of the 10 projects is a lowering program that will give homes and businesses in Halton Hills, Acton, Oakville and Burlington more reliable access to water in cold weather. The project involves insulating and lowering supply lines throughout the region.

$679,500 in federal funds has also been earmarked for a related project in Georgetown.


Funding specifics as well as details about the other projects can be found here.


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