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Focus Equities to develop rail-served industrial project

By Adam Freill   

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Development within Winnipeg’s CentrePort Canada will offer access to road, rail and air.

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Canadian real estate developer Focus Equities will lead the development of Winnipeg’s rail-served industrial project at CentrePort Canada, with construction set to begin in the coming months.

A 20,000-acre inland port and foreign trade zone, CentrePort Canada is the largest trimodal inland port in North America with over 2,000 acres in active development. Established in 2008, it connects to major national and international trade gateways and corridors, and is the only inland port in Canada with direct access to trimodal transportation – truck, rail and air cargo.

While making the announcement, the Manitoba government explained that the development is expected to provide significant economic growth, trade, business attraction and investment, job creation and increased tax revenues for the province.

“As we emerge from this pandemic, our government is focused on working with our economic development partners, industry and trade to unlock Manitoba’s true economic potential,” Premier Heather Stefanson. “This development, in the heart of the country, will support our vision to make Manitoba a true trade gateway nationally and internationally.”


The 665-acre rail park within CentrePort Canada will offer globally connected businesses with large-volume shipping needs the ability to access, transfer and transport goods between road and rail, with close access to Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport.

“With global supply chain issues affecting the industry, there has never been greater demand in North America for a centralized logistics and shipping location for rail, truck and air than now,” said Ken Mariash, owner of Focus Equities. “We are already in negotiations with global brands who are interested in choosing our rail park land for their transportation infrastructure needs.”

In 2018, CentrePort Canada Inc., with the support of the Manitoba government, issued a request for proposal to attract a private developer for the rail park project. Focus Equities was selected as the most experienced and qualified developer following that process. The company provides a full range of development, investment, financing, construction and operation of complex real estate, energy and infrastructure projects.

“This development, strategically situated at the hub of international trading corridors, capitalizes on Manitoba’s historical strengths as a leader in trade and transportation and positions the province as a key player now and well into the future,” said David Filmon, chair of CentrePort Canada’s board of directors.




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