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News roundup: CSA Group explores asbestos-related issues

By Rob Blackstien   

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What's going on in the Canadian construction industry lately?

Let’s take a quick look around at some things making news in the Canadian construction industry, and what some of the big players have been up to on social media.

It’s no secret how dangerous a substance asbestos is, but what is surprising is that despite strict regulations governing it, there are gaps and inconsistencies in the way in which asbestos is managed, as per a recent study by the CSA Group.

(Creator: Gerry James)

The Southwest Calgary Ring Road, approved for a DBFO contact with Mountain View Partners over five years ago, is finally open.



Here’s a look at the opening ceremony, held earlier this month…



EllisDon is taking carbon reduction seriously, setting verifiable science-based targets through the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) to help assess the company’s efforts in lowering its emissions.

Last month, many big contractors and associations outlined their vaccination policies. The Ottawa Construction Association, for one, has some concerns about the industry being able to respond in time.


In more association news, the Ontario General Contractors Association has a few new board members.


With BIM continuing to be a topic of great interest in the construction industry, there’s a new book out that may help companies push ahead with their technology initiatives.


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