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Wearable device helps operators manage fatigue

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Health & Safety bands CAT fatigue wearable

We wear fitness bands to track our workouts, count our steps and tell us how much we sleep. But in the working world, measuring sleep quantity and quality can be used to save lives. Cat Connect is giving customers an easy way to capture data that is 93 per cent as accurate as the results of a laboratory sleep study – with no need for wires or a hospital gown.

“To complement our suite of safety technologies, we’ve developed a wearable sleep monitor that can predict when the wearer’s fatigue level will become a safety risk,” states the company’s website. The band uses non-invasive actigraphy to measure motion with an internal 3-D accelerometer. Data is downloaded into an analytics program that demonstrates how sleep patterns are impacted by shift schedules, and how sleep debt affects an individual’s effectiveness during work hours.

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