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Nova Scotia’s CarbonCure Technologies named finalist in $20M competition

By Jillian Morgan   

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Jennifer Wagner Carbon Cure Xprize

Jennifer Wagner, executive vice president, corporate development, at CarbonCure, and team lead for the Xprize competition’s Team CarbonCure.

Nova Scotia-based CarbonCure Technologies has been named one of ten finalists in the global $20 million NRG Cosia Carbon Xprize.

Carbon Xprize challenges competitors to convert CO2 emissions into valuable products. CarbonCure’s technology converts carbon dioxide into concrete.

The competition aims to identify scalable technology to unlock CO2 reductions and economic opportunities.

The ten finalists each receive $500,000. The third and final round of the competition will require each team to demonstrate its technology over a two-year period.


CarbonCure has been named one of five finalists in the Wyoming Track, which will focus on demonstrating technologies at a coal power plant in Gillette, Wyo.

An additional five finalists will compete in the Alberta Track for demonstration at a natural gas power plant in Calgary.

One grand prizewinner from each track will be announced in March 2020, and will receive $7.5 million USD in prize money.

“The Xprize competition challenges the world to reimagine CO2 as a valuable commodity and drives innovators to scale solutions faster to realize the potential $1 trillion market and 7 gigatonne CO2 reduction opportunity by 2030,” said Robert Niven, CEO and founder of CarbonCure.

CarbonCure’s Xprize team includes:

  • Cementos Argos
  • Thomas Concrete
  • Brurnco Rock Products
  • Praxair
  • Sustainable Energy Solutions
  • Kline Consulting
  • LS3P Architects
  • Uzun + Case Structural Engineering
  • Walter P. Moore Structural Engineers.
CarbonCure xprize co2 concrete

McKinsey Consulting, the Global CO2 Initiative and Top 100 Global Cleantech Companies have also recognized CarbonCure for its CO2 utilization solutions.

In March, CarbonCure successfully demonstrated the first integrated CO2 capture and reuse model within the cement and concrete industry by using captured cement CO2 emissions for concrete production to supply a green building development in the Atlanta area.



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