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Green light for $40M wind power project in remote Inuvik, N.W.T.

By On-Site Staff   

Financing Green Construction

INUVIK, N.W.T.—A wind turbine project worth tens of millions of dollars has become the first northern Canadian infrastructure job to secure funding under Ottawa’s new Arctic Energy Fund.

The Inuvik Wind Generation project will get $30 million from the federal government, as well as $10 million from the government of Northwest Territories to support construction.

Along with erecting of a series of turbines, the scope of work includes electrical link-ups to the existing power grid, the installation of a grid controller and a large battery storage system capable of storing surplus energy that can be switched on at times of low wind. The remote project also requires the construction of a five-kilometre access road to connect the wind farm with the Dempster Highway.

Officials say the infrastructure job will tackle emissions. It’s part of a wider effort to shift northern towns away from diesel-burning generators toward clean sources of electricity.



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