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Alberta funds green construction

By Rob Blackstien   

Financing Green Construction

Province is pushing biofibre projects.

Alberta Innovates, the province’s largest research and innovation agency, has announced that it will provide $2 million in funding for construction projects employing specific emerging technologies.

The agency is currently inviting companies to apply for the Building with BioFibre program, with qualified entries available to receive up to $250,000 per project.

The program’s goal is to encourage the use of the province’s forest and agricultural biomass within green construction projects as Alberta tries to beef up the bioindustrial sector. This sector is at the intersection of agriculture, forestry, manufacturing and construction.

Building with BioFibre’s goal is to foster means in which hardwood, agricultural residual fibre and crop resources are employed to advance sustainable and technological innovation.


“Diversifying our economy with innovation like the Building with BioFibre program will create opportunity for a sustainable building industry,” says Doug Schweitzer, Minister of Jobs, Economy and Innovation. “That’s not only good for the planet, it’s good for the people of Alberta.”

Alberta Innovates has previously funded green initiatives in the construction industry.


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