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LiuGong North America introduces LiuGong Finance

By Adam Freill   

Construction Equipment Financing

Construction equipment and material handling machinery manufacturer introduces lease and loan program to North America.

LiuGong North America has announced a new private label program to become a one-stop shop for equipment and financing. The new LiuGong Finance program is available to customers and dealers in Canada and the United States.

“As we continue to help support, grow and develop our customers and dealer network, we’re delighted to introduce LiuGong Finance,” said LiuGong North America president Andrew Ryan.

“We’ve built the LiuGong Finance program to include several components that will benefit our customer and dealer network and their businesses.”

LiuGong Finance will provide dealers with finance support for both LiuGong North America and non-competing products. Additionally, it will enable dealers to offer competitive rates and flexible finance structures under a captive finance program. Dealers and end users will also have access to a dedicated finance team.


LiuGong Finance offers both retail financing and dealer-owned rental fleet financing under the program. Retail financing is available using fair market value (FMV) lease, equipment loan and custom structures; dealer-owned rental fleet financing is offered as rental equipment loan and custom structures.




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