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Governments putting up $81.5M to build new wastewater treatment plant in Lloydminster

By On-Site Staff   

Financing Infrastructure

LLOYDMINSTER, Alta.—Three tiers of government and two separate provinces are coming together to kick-start a major wastewater treatment project in Lloydminster.

The city, which straddles the Alberta and Saskatchewan border, has been working toward updating its water treatment facility since 2017 when its city council named the project its top infrastructure priority.

The new plant will cost $81.5 million overall, according to the June 27 announcement. The city itself is putting up the largest piece of the funding at $32.5 million, following by Ottawa at $24.2 million and the two provinces at approximately $12 million each.

The project has several aspects, including construction of a new wastewater treatment plant near the city’s existing lagoons. Three cells from Lloydminster’s existing facility will be integrated into the new system, allowing to the city to scale up its water treatment capacity without investing in all new equipment.


Along with keeping up with a growing population, the project will ensure water heading downstream from the border city meets quality standards.


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