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Brampton, Ont. flood prevention project moving forward with funding from feds

By On-Site Staff   


A nearly $100 million project that involves replacing bridges, raising roadways and widening a concrete channel in Brampton, Ont. has secured funding from Ottawa’s Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund.

The project, which is part of the city’s wider Riverwalk initiative, is designed to prevent flooding in Etobicoke Creek, which runs through downtown Brampton.

Along with adjacent work on roads and bridges, the project will widen and deepen a 600-metre channel built in 1952 to increase capacity levels in the creek. The federal government has committed $38.8 million to the project, while the city northwest of Toronto has agreed to spend $58.2 million.

The flood prevention project is expected to open up space along the creek to development, where the city plans to carve out new public space.



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