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February 21, 2020  

From the editor… A disconcerting lack of vision

February 21, 2020  

Innovative features extend paving season in colder markets, increase operator comfort and safety

February 20, 2020  

Making use of technology for safer job sites

February 20, 2020  

Addressing risk allocation with collaboration

February 19, 2020  

Spoliation and the risk of remediation

December 18, 2019  

Top 10 construction trends to focus on in 2020

December 18, 2019  

2020 Construction Forecast: Positive momentum to continue, but industry needs to embrace change

December 17, 2019  

Is tech forcing the built world to evolve its procurement models?

December 16, 2019  

Supreme Court of Canada set to revisit the duty of honest performance of contracts

December 14, 2019  

From the editor… Megaprojects test industry’s capacity to deliver

December 13, 2019  

The enterprise dashboard challenge in the era of Industry 4.0

December 12, 2019  

Diesel demand: On-Site’s 2020 work truck report

December 10, 2019  

Concrete Awards showcase diverse building projects across the province

October 10, 2019  

Staying out of the shop: Big data, vocational trucks and the drive toward predictive maintenance 

October 9, 2019  

Could blockchain be the new glue of contracting?

October 9, 2019  

Rising waters: Canadian communities counter worsening storms with fresh infrastructure work

October 8, 2019  

From the editor… Sprucing up a piece of construction history

October 8, 2019  

First in, last out: What’s new in the versatile world of heavy-duty telehandlers

October 7, 2019  

The level playing field assumption: A ‘go or no-go’ cautionary tale

October 7, 2019  

The ‘prevention principle’ in contracts – schedule extensions and liquidated damages