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From the editor: Oh Canada, eh?

By Corinne Lynds   

Infrastructure Skills Development

It’s done. The surveys are in. The results have been tallied. And our annual Top Contractors report is complete.

Thank you so much to all that participated in this year’s survey. It’s your willingness to share information with us that makes this report possible. Not only is it a ranking of our country’s best, but it also helps us to benchmark how the industry is doing as a whole, and what the intentions are for the year ahead.

With the hard work behind us for now, it’s time to celebrate and have a little fun. Here are eight fun facts that make being a contractor in Canada … uh … interesting.

1. The best place in Canada to be working on a construction project is Estevan, Sask., which is reportedly the sunniest place in Canada with 2,537 hours of sunshine per year.


2. The worst place in Canada to be working on a construction project is Prince Rupert, where 3,111 millimetres  (10 ft.) of precipitation falls each year. Nearly all of that moisture landing in the ocean port city of northern B.C., falls as rain.

3. The toughest job to dress for would be in Pincher Creek, AB where in 1962 the biggest temperature change ever was recorded. A Chinook (a warm, dry wind that comes off the Rocky Mountains) caused the temperature to rise from –19 degrees C to 22 degrees C in just one hour.

4. The coldest day to be working outside was February 3, 1957 in Snag, Yukon where the temperature dropped to -63 degrees C.

5. Canada is the best country in the world for contractors that specialize in road repair. We have the world’s longest highway (Trans-Canada HWY), and the toughest weather conditions that create the need for frequent road maintenance.

6. No matter where your jobsite is located, there’s a very good chance you’ll be able to grab a snack close by. There are more doughnut shops in Canada per capita than any other country.

7. Construction is part of our Canadian heritage. Tools that date back 20,000 years are the first evidence of history in Canada. They were found in caves on the Bluefish River in northern Yukon.

8. The second largest country in the world, there’s no shortage of land to build on. Half of Canada is covered with forests, which should come as no surprise considering one 10th of the world’s forests are here.

There is much for us to be proud of in this great country, but our strength and work ethic as an industry are definitely at the top of that list. Congratulations to all of the 2012 Top Contractors, and all the best for the year ahead.

Corinne Lynds / Editor


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