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November 16 - November 18, 2021

Going virtual again in 2021, the CCPPP’s Annual Conference will dive into what infrastructure means in the 21st century and what role can public-private partnerships play in helping achieve ambitious government goals to get shovels in the ground quickly and ‘build back better.’

P3 2021 will explore the following topics over three days this November:

General Sessions:

  • Top CEOs Share Vision for How to ‘Build Back Better’
  • The Procurement Toolkit: Examining Traditional P3 and Progressive Models to Choose the Right Tool for the Right Job
  • How Governments are Turning the Tide on Canada’s Infrastructure Needs
  • Agency Heads on Implementing Ambitious Government Infrastructure Plans

Breakout Sessions:

  • Black Swans and Boom Times: A look at project construction risk analysis post-COVID
  • The Inclusive Potential of Major Infrastructure Projects
  • How will Canada’s Hospitals Adapt and Innovate after COVID-19?
  • Challenges & Innovations in Delivering Canada’s Transformational Wave of 21st Century Transit Projects
  • Increasing Innovation & Collaboration with Municipal P3 Environmental Infrastructure Projects
  • The Connectivity Divide – State of the North American Market
  • District Energy: Challenges and Opportunities

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