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Get the most from your equipment: Avoid these three excavator pitfalls

By On-Site Staff   


Preventing injuries, avoiding damage to machines and maximizing productivity should be top-of-mind. PHOTO: Volvo

Excavators have few issues navigating rough terrain, squeezing into tight spaces and performing a huge number of job site tasks. But even the “superheroes” of modern construction aren’t invincible, particularly if they end up in the wrong hands.

These are the three biggest excavator pitfalls, according to Volvo Construction Equipment:


  1. Fitting the wrong tool—Using too big a bucket on too small an excavator, for instance, leads to underperformance. The reverse can translate to serious damage to the equipment.

  3. Using the wrong excavator for the job—There’s not always a one-size-fits-all solution. Size an excavator to the task at hand in order to maximize productivity and the durability of the machine.

  5. Failing to do a safety audit—Damage to a machine is one thing, worker injuries are another. Workers need to be trained to not disable any safety functions as well as perform a safety audit before getting into the machine.


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