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Volvo and Holcim testing autonomous electric haulers

By Rob Blackstien   

Equipment Technology Green Construction

Companies have partnered to further develop deployment of this sustainable technology.

Volvo Autonomous Solutions and Holcim Switzerland have teamed up to test autonomous electric haulers in a limestone quarry in Siggenthal, Switzerland.

This initiative is part of each company’s goal to find infrastructure and transport solutions that are safe, efficient, innovative and sustainable. These battery-electric haulers are the world’s first commercially-available CE-certified transport solution and are quieter, more sustainable and safer than conventional haulers.

“This project showcases a sustainable transport solution that is commercially viable and combines the technology shifts of connectivity, automation and electrification,” says Nils Jaeger, President of Volvo Autonomous Solutions, which recently unveiled autonomous compactors.


This project is part of Holcim’s “Plants of Tomorrow” digitization initiative, which includes the testing of automation technologies, robotics and AI throughout the production process with the goal of creating safer, more efficient and more sustainable cement production.


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