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Video puts spotlight on water leak detection

By Adam Freill   

Construction Risk Management

Use of sensors, flow monitoring, and automated shutoff valves helps reduce the risk of water-related issues during construction.

Knowing the damage that can be caused by water, Southern Ontario developer Edenshaw has turned to technology and a partnership between smart water metering product and monitoring company Eddy and contracting firm PCL Construction to protect its TANU project in Mississauga, Ont. As outlined on video, the deployment of Eddy’s technology helped protect the property from the builder’s risk period to turnover and will continue for the foreseeable future.

“Water is one of the biggest concerns we have in building condominiums. It’s an obvious necessity, but leaking water causes horrific damage to our buildings, and we need to take precautions,” said David Scott, managing director of Edenshaw. “We’re extremely happy working with Eddy and the services they provide, and we look forward to working with them on future projects.”

Eddy’s holistic system encompasses use of sensors, flow monitoring, and automated shutoff valves, reducing the risk of water-related issues. Connecting to a mobile app and property management dashboard, and backed by 24/7 monitoring, the system significantly reduces the risk of water damage and overall water waste.


With an on-valve remote shut-off installed within every main water riser zone, including the incoming water main, working in conjunction with leak sensors throughout the building, the project team was alerted to shut off a valve whenever a leak was detected. In the finished building, Eddy’s system is now a feature for residents, who receive not only overall protection against water damage, but individual insurance discounts as well.

“This was a collaborative effort to bring Eddy Solutions here at TANU, and we’re thrilled with the success of the deployment,” added Mark Bryant, chief information officer for PCL. “Edenshaw chose to implement the system as part of their ongoing strategy for water control and leak protection.  The project aligns with PCL’s digital construction strategy to bring in new technologies to learn from and implement on future projects for clients across our entire portfolio.”





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