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Busy construction season for East Coast town


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The Town of Truro, N.S. has seen a flurry of construction activity this summer as more than $17.5 million in permits were handed out as of August, according to the Truro Daily News.

All told, the bustling town of 12,500 has seen an $8-million increase in the total value of construction permits compared to August 2012. 

A large chunk of this summer’s construction boost came from four major construction projects, which are all nearing their completion dates:

  • $2.3-million roundabout on Robie Street (end of August)
  • $2.1-millon Cougar Dome (November 1)
  • $800,000-Sunrise Vision Care (December 1)
  • $75,000 to move the Access Nova Scotia building (end of October)

“We are having a very good year. We were up over $30 million in new construction (from) about five years ago,” Jason Fox, director of planning and development for the Town of Truro, told the Truro Daily News. “In addition to the direct impact that new construction brings in terms of jobs, economic activity, and a healthy sense of vitality and growth, new construction also adds to the town’s tax base.”



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