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Tridel adds water control in the Well

By Adam Freill   

Construction Health & Safety Risk Management

Automated system featuring sensor and shut-offs will protect during construction and after occupancy.

(Source: Eddy Smart Home Solutions Ltd.)

Tridel’s the Well Toronto Condos and Residences will be one of the company’s major developments set to feature a comprehensive system from Eddy Smart Home Solutions to protect against potential water damage.

The development combines condominiums, retail and office space, as well as rentals in downtown Toronto, including three buildings representing more than 750 units. Eddy’s system will protect the project with real-time monitoring, smart sensors, and remote and automatic shutoffs that identify any action issues from the construction phase, when the water is first initiated, and extending to all functioning areas of the finalized building post-occupancy, including the risers, hydronics, in-suite and common areas. The system will be installed in Well C, D and E in Tridel’s project, and all of the company’s ongoing projects in the Greater Toronto Area.

“Creating diverse living and working community spaces is central to our vision, and the protection of our projects is paramount,” said Bruno Giancola, senior vice-president of project management at Tridel. “Working with Eddy on water security is not only critical to protect our project, but also meets our focus on innovation and sustainability while providing residents and operators peace of mind and protection for years to come.”





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