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Skilled trades employers call for thorough review of compulsory certification process


Construction Skills Development

Employers from across Ontario are urging the provincial government and the Ontario College of Trades to conduct a comprehensive review of the compulsory certification process because of significant concerns with inconsistencies in the review criteria.

The government is in the process of reviewing the compulsory status of sprinkler and fire protection installers, but concerns have been raised with the lack of information about the timelines, lack of burden of proof, and lack of notification and research available to stakeholders.

Karen Renkema, chairwoman of the Ontario Skilled Trades Alliance, said since the compulsory certification of trades will have a tremendous impact on the Ontario construction industry and the economy, there is no room for error. “We have grave concerns the inconsistencies in the ratio review process seen in the last year will be replicated in the current compulsory certification process.”

“We look forward to participating in a compulsory certification process that is clear, consistent, and based on set timelines and criteria,” added, Stephen Hamilton, manager of government relations for the Ontario Home Builders.’ “That is why we’re asking the government to do the right thing and stop the compulsory certification process before it does real damage to tradespeople, businesses and the Ontario economy.”



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