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Saskatchewan’s St. Louis Bridge delayed until 2013

By Andrew Snook   

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Completion of the $30-million St. Louis Bridge on Highway 2 that crosses over the Saskatchewan River has been delayed.

The Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure of Saskatchewan recently stated the project has suffered a setback due to a delay in the delivery of steel for fabricating the bridge’s girders.

According to the Ministry, there are only a few mills in North America that can create the three-metre-tall, 22-metre-long girder sections.

The bridge was originally expected to open in fall 2012, but is now expected to be ready in fall 2013.


Highways and Infrastructure Minister Jim Reiter stated that the new St. Louis Bridge will complete the final link in a 683-km-long primary weight corridor from Assiniboia, Sask. in the south to La Ronge, Sask. in the north.

The bridge will be located 1.6 kilometres east from the existing bridge in the Village of St. Louis, Sask.

The near-century-old bridge needed to be replaced due to safety considerations and its inability to carry primary weight loads, which are the highest legal load limits for shippers in Saskatchewan.

St. Louis, Sask. Is located approximately 30 kilometres south of the City of Prince Albert and 100 kilometers northeast of the City of Saskatoon.


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