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Saskatchewan voters say yes to public-private partnerships

By Corinne Lynds   

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Monday night’s election results have returned the Saskatchewan Party with its third consecutive majority government. 

According to the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships (CCPPP), the people of Saskatchewan have made it abundantly clear in this election that they support the use of public-private partnerships, (P3s), to design, build, finance and perhaps maintain and operate some of the largest and most complex infrastructure projects. In fact, the election returns only reinforce findings from Nanos Research conducted for the CCPPP, which suggest P3s are supported by 74.6 per cent of Canadians living on the Prairies.

Saskatchewan is one of the most active P3 markets in Canada. It has quickly developed nine projects at the provincial and municipal levels in a variety of sectors. Each of these P3 projects has demonstrated hundreds of millions of dollars in savings and innovatively addressed the needs of communities across the province.

“Public-private partnerships are an important tool for public sector agencies to consider when contemplating the need to expand or improve their infrastructure projects,” says Mark Romoff, CCPPP president and CEO. “Our council commends the Premier and his government for their leadership in promoting the appropriate use of P3s to support Saskatchewan’s growth and prosperity.”


SOURCE Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships


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