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Progressive Contractors Association of Canada welcomes NEB approval of Northern Gateway Pipeline

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December 20, 2013 by Progressive Contractors Association of Canada

The Progressive Contractors Association of Canada (PCA) welcomed the announcement by the National Energy Board that it is recommending approval of the Northern Gateway Pipeline.

Sean Reid, director (Federal and Ontario), issued the following statement in reaction to the announcement:

PCA is pleased with the panel’s decision to recommend approval of the Northern Gateway Pipeline. Pipelines – and more importantly the oil and gas that they transport – are so vital to the functioning of the Canadian and global economy that it is essential that we have the means to distribute these resources throughout our country and to an energy-hungry world.

This project will create jobs for Canadians – jobs building the pipeline, jobs making the equipment for the pipeline, and jobs producing the oil that will flow through the pipeline. It will also bolster new investment in our energy and natural resource sectors. PCA member companies see this potential clearly everyday and understand just how important it is for our economy and standard of living to improve market access for Canadian oil and gas.

The tough conditions that the NEB recommends placing on the approval will ensure that this pipeline is built safely and that Enbridge takes the strongest possible measures to mitigate environmental impacts. They will also ensure that the needs and views of the affected communities, especially First Nations, are taken into account.

PCA believes the panel balanced the needs of Canada’s economic development and those of the communities which will be affected and made the right decision.