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PCA Commends BC Government decision on Site C Dam

By PCA   

Construction BC clean energy Site C

The Progressive Contractors Association of Canada (PCA), whose member companies employ approximately 1,000 workers at Site C, is commending the BC government for its decision to proceed with construction of this Clean Energy Project.

“While we recognize that this was not an easy decision, we’re confident that it is in the best interests of all British Columbians,” said Rieghardt van Enter, BC regional director, PCA. “Seeing this project through will allow workers, their communities and all taxpayers to realize the tremendous benefits of this major investment.”

Site C provides clear advantages for British Columbians including:

• Skilled jobs for over 2,000 BC workers; 

• Contributing $3.2 billion to provincial GDP;


• Providing a large and long-term source of clean and affordable power to the province for the next century.

“We’re delighted that these workers and their families can celebrate the season knowing the province is committed to this important project,” said van Enter. “We look forward to working with the BC government to get the next phase of this project underway as soon as possible.”

As the BC government makes plans to put a Project Labour Agreements (PLAs) in place for future publically funded projects, PCA believes these projects, including Site C, should part of a fair and open tendering process to control costs, deliver value to taxpayers, and fairness to workers by allowing all qualified BC workers to build important infrastructure 



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