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Ontario building and improving schools

By Adam Freill   


Government commits $600 million to build new schools and childcare spaces across Ontario.

The Ontario government has announced plans to build more schools and create additional classes and licensed childcare spaces. The announcement of $600 million in funding for capital building programs includes both new-builds and renovation projects. Some 78 school and childcare related projects will receive funds through the newly approved Capital Priorities Program. The announced plan aims to create 19,700 new student spaces and 1,525 new licensed childcare spaces.


Of the $600 million, the province has earmarked $565 million to build 26 new schools and fund 20 permanent additions and renovations. Plans include collaborations with several school boards to expand solutions for accelerated school construction using modular construction methods. The stated aim is to reduce build times so that students can take advantage of new and updated schools sooner.



These funds are part of the provincial government’s commitment to provide $14 billion to support school construction over a 10-year span. There are currently more than 300 childcare and education building-related projects in development across Ontario. More than 100 are actively under construction.


“This investment is part of our multiyear plan to build, expand, and update schools and childcare spaces across our province,” said Stephen Lecce, minister of education. “It will leave a lasting legacy that benefits working families for years to come.”


An additional $42.6 million, through the Early Years Capital Program, will go toward renovations or additions of 32 childcare centres in schools. The support for school-based childcare centres is part of the government’s plan to invest up to $1 billion to create up to 30,000 new licensed childcare spaces over five years.


“Our government is committed to building Ontario and putting the necessary infrastructure in place that will help the young, bright minds of our province grow, learn, and develop,” said Kinga Surma, minister of infrastructure.


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