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On-Site presents Al Reed with CCA’s Civil Infrastructure Award of Recognition

By Staff Report   

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All of CCA’s award winners were honoured this week in La Malbaie, Que. at the Canadian Construction Association’s 95th annual conference. The Civil Infrastructure Award is particularly special to On-Site, as we sponsor this prestigious category every year.


This year’s winner, Al Reed, is well-known to roadbuilders across Canada. Having graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor of Engineering in 1957, he began working for Saskatchewan Highways as both a bridge engineer and highways engineer until 1964, when he decided it was time to try working as a contractor. He worked for Poole Construction (now PCL) building highways for 10 years. In 1974 he, along with three partners, started Caramacks Enterprises Ltd.



Reed has remained involved in associations throughout the industry, including the Alberta Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Association, where he was chairman in 1976. He also served as chair of the Western Canada Heavy Roadbuilders, and as chair of the Canadian Construction Association in 1985.


He is considered a real pioneer in the roadbuilding industry, for his work with other collaborative associations, and his work in helping creat the Road and Infrastructure program, or TRIP, which continues to promote the importance of ongoing infrastructure funding.


Even in retirement, he could not leave the industry and was one of the founders of The Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Society of Canada (RHHS), a society designed to protect and institutionalize the roadbuilding industry.


Congratulations Al!


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