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OGCA looking for insights into use of construction technology

By Adam Freill   

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OGCA industry survey aims to examine the use of technology by contractors and others in the building sector.

The Ontario General Contractors Association (OGCA), in collaboration with SmartBuild Construction Solutions, has launched a new survey focused on better understanding the use of construction technology (CONTECH) amongst general contractors, subcontractors, owners and consultants.

Despite being a complex and multifaceted industry, the construction sector is often generalized as lagging behind other industries when it comes to adopting new technologies and processes. With newer digital technologies increasingly being integrated to support the execution of all aspects of the construction process, from procurement, design, takeoff, construction and project handover, many jobsites are deploying CONTECH, however, the industry is often still seen as being substantially behind other sectors with respect to technology.

The survey, says the OGCA, is a systematic attempt to identify and catalogue different digital technologies, and their application, across the supply chain as it aims to get feedback from owners, general contractors, subcontractors and consultants.

You can fill out the survey here.


“We want to know how, and most importantly why, some of the industry has been hesitant to use technology,” said Giovanni Cautillo, president of the OGCA. “General contractors are well suited to invest in CONTECH due to the collaborative nature of our work. This survey will help us better understand the barriers facing technology adoption across the industry.”

“The construction sector is mainly using computers as typewriters and adding machines! We want to ensure that the industry understands that computers will enable them to manage, procure, execute, track, report, document with ease while gaining insight in real time” said Zulqernain (Zulq) Malik, chief happiness officer of SmartBuild Construction Solutions. “Our goal is to understand better how the various stakeholders use CONTECH to deliver and execute construction projects.”

The OGCA and SmartBuild will publish the results from ther State of Construction Technology survey, with plans to share them with the industry to assist more universal adoption of technology across the construction industry.





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