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Nine industry innovators chosen for this year’s CCA mentorship program

By On-Site Staff   


Among other innovative products, contractors are turning increasingly to time- and labour-saving software during the pandemic. PHOTO: Adobe Stock/Nikomsolftwaer

Nine Canadian construction innovators offering new products and services ranging from advanced building materials to solutions powered by artificial intelligence have been selected to take part in the latest CONtact innovator mentorship program.

The Canadian Construction Association announced the nine mentees for the 2020/21 iteration of the program Oct. 21.

“With a heightened drive for innovation, the CONtact mentorship initiative provides the perfect platform to nurture innovative solutions to transform the industry,” Mary Van Buren, the CCA’s president, said in a release. “We are excited to help the 2020/21 mentees’ products and solutions progress to the next level by increasing their exposure to industry experts.”

Launched in 2019, the program is designed to help innovators connect directly with contractors capable of providing guidance and putting new tools to the test.

The nine mentees to make the cut this year are:

  • CHEKit Ltd. — Calgary
  • Deformance Design Labs Inc. — Vancouver
  • Eterio Realities Inc. — Victoria
  • Grand River Business Intelligence Inc. — Waterloo
  • Harbr Inc. — Halifax
  • MEPvity Inc. — Saint John
  • Persistent Ventures Inc. — Fredericton
  • Robolution Technology Inc. — Edmonton
  • RoCo Industries Inc. — Ottawa


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